Meet the Board

Weaver Lake PTA Executive Board is comprised of volunteers who have taken on leadership roles to support the staff and students at our school. We have tremendous pride for Weaver Lake Elementary and are grateful for the many volunteers who help make everything run smoother at our school. We enjoy working side-by-side with you and look forward to an eventful year! We also want to express our gratitude to the 12 volunteers who chair our PTA events & fundraisers. They are the ones really bringing PTA activities to life and we are lucky to have them!

Dave Spatafore


Also Chairperson for Engineering Night

*acting - pending replacement for 2021-2022

Hi Weaver Lake parents and teachers! I am very proud of our school and excited to serve as PTA president. I have 2 children attending Weaver Lake, and have been involved with PTA since 2016. I work full-time in the semiconductor industry.

I enjoy doing various volunteer activities for the school and getting to know many families and teachers. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated parents and staff members.

When I'm not working, I am helping with my kids sports and activities, or spending time outdoors with my family. We especially enjoy camping and any lake-related activities - waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, swimming and canoeing.

I look forward to meeting more families and staff, and encourage you to attend our monthly PTA meetings. Please reach out any time if you have any questions, concerns, or new ideas.

Tiffany Daniel

Vice President

Sarah Dammann


Also Chairperson for Butter Braid, Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough, & Luigi's Frozen Pizza Fundraisers

Susan Carter


Traci Ellwein

Fundraising Coordinator*

*acting - pending vote

Amie Weaver


Also Chairperson for Student Directories/PTA Calendars & School Supply Kits

Laura Foster


Stephanie Clark


Allison Sills

Weaver Wear

Lyn Billings

Fun Run

Serena Cederstrom & Lisa Elinger

Scholastic Book Fair

Diane Janowak

Bee Program


Staff Appreciation


School Carnival


Twins Game Organizer

Weaver Lake PTA Board & Open Chair Nominations

2020-2021 Committee Chairs

Butter Braid Chair: Sarah Dammann

Read a Thon & Box Tops: Stephanie Clark

Weaver Wear: Trisha Parks

Book Fair: Serena Cederstrom & Lisa Elinger

Staff Appreciation, & Bee Program: Diane Janowak

Student Directory & School Supply: Amie Weaver

Newsletter: Susan Pedersen

Previous Years Chairpersons

(We hope to bring these back as soon as we can)

Fun Run Chair : Lyn Billings

School Carnival Chair : Trisha Parks

Engineering Night Chair: Dave Spatafore

Twins Game : Diane Janowak


Principal: Lena Christiansen

Volunteer Coordinator: Alix Bodin